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Dear presenter, chair, listener, participant


We are happy to have you at this year’s online conference of the European Network of Divorce Research.

Hosting a virtual conference is a new experience for us and attending a virtual conference might be new for you as well. With this document, we would like to help to make this year’s meeting the best possible experience for everyone. Please read these instructions carefully.

The most important information in a nutshell:

- We will be using Zoom, please download the latest version and familiarize yourself with the software if you have no experience with it yet
- If you are a poster or flash paper presenter, read carefully the guidelines to your presentation
- If you are a session chair, read the respective section in the instruction. If you wish to prepare for your session, please refer to the book of abstracts.


Finally, do not hesitate to get in touch should anything be unclear:


See you at the online conference!


Ariane, Damiano and Maike

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